Tartan Carriages are aware that all parties need  conditions to give them protection and confidence.

1* All bookings deposits are to be paid within 10 working days to secure the booking.

2* All deposits are non refundable in the event you need to cancel. Any money paid will not be refunded if you cancel as you entered into an agreement for Tartan Carriages to be available for the stated Date and Time.

However – we can try and return up to 50% of deposit IF we are able to secure and be paid for any future booking for your stated Date and Time. It is our intention to be as flexible as possible, but the booking you took out stopped us booking someone else.

3* Bookings / Cancellations may be changed subject to availability.

4* Booking changes carry a £10 surcharge.

5* Balance must be paid within 30 days/ 1* Month.

6* Any Returned Cheques (Bounced) will carry a £30 charge – Made up of –
£20 penaulty Bank Charge to our account
£10 fuel charge for our 38 mile return journey to Dumfries from Annan to put in the Cheque.

7* If no deposit has arrived by the 10th working day then we will assume you have no wish to continue with your booking.

8* Tartan Carriages DO NOT chase after you for deposits, it is YOU’R responsibility to contact US.

9* We at Tartan Carriages reserve the right to cancel or stop a booking if we encounter rude behavior, abuse or excessive alcohol. Strictly NO Smoking

10* Anyone drunk or deemed drunk will invalidate their booking and will not be allowed to travel, This is one of our Insurance requirements and as such cannot be ignored.

11* All bookings must have a home phone number and an Email Address.

12* No animals such as dogs (However small) will be allowed on the carriage.

13* Folding Prams & Push chairs may be carried on the carriage within reason. (This must be stated at booking)

Tartan Carriages wishes to give you the best service and respects all of our customers wishes, by taking on a booking you abide by the rules – full and binding