Simon & Zoe are a small Husband and wife team striving to retain the last of the Traditional wedding transport at Gretna Green.

41 years ago Simon started working with horses in the Army becoming an Instructor and carriage driver. Simon met Zoe 23 years ago while a Military Equine Manager in Kent, Zoe was a dental nurse but found caring for animals a rewarding change and joined Simon as a team member.

After 2 years their passion of horses was to continue when a move back to Germany for Simon was offered.

A move back to Simon’s previous Military Equine School in Herford, was supported by Zoe and the Riding School flourished, not so soon after they married in Germany.

Simon & Zoe have 5 loving children. After leaving the Army Simon & Zoe moved briefly to Essex but a final move back to Scotland with the family seemed best for a quiet life. Simon, Zoe and family started to build a life out of the Army and with their horses they soon got to start sharing their passion for carriage driving with Gretna Green in mind.

Their love for weddings and ensuring professionalism and excellence has helped them through these difficult times with their Beautiful Friesian horses. Zoe’s other passion is riding her Ex race horse in jumping and Beach rides and Simon loves Cricket and F1.